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What do we do?

We designed our workshops for companies who want to do more and be better when it comes to diversity and inclusion. We don't like to overcomplicate things, so we came up with three workshops for you to pick from. 

This workshop will improve practices and mindsets company-wide so your company becomes an inclusive environment  where all can thrive. We'll cover: 

- Inclusion & Belonging

- Allyship

- Behaviour

For companies who want to recruit diverse candidates, but are struggling to reach or appeal to them. In this workshop we'll cover:

- Attracting racially diverse talent

- Accessible interviews & onboarding

- Retention & engagement for diverse employees

Diverse marketing shows people that your brand includes them, but how to make sure it's not performative? 

We'll cover:

- Representing diversity (internally & externally) 

- Performative and truthful marketing campaigns

- Using language to empower diverse communities 

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