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Who are Become?

We started Become to support women of colour because we’ve seen firsthand the lack of support for people who look like us. We’re here for the women who don’t see themselves as fitting into one box. Women who strive to be industry leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, philanthropists and more. Women of colour who are statistically paid less than their male and white counterparts, and who are consistently overlooked for job opportunities and promotions.

Often we are guided to choose one stable career, and stick with that, be it a doctor, an engineer or an architect. We also want to acknowledge those who are multi-faceted, those with the side hustle; we want to champion those who are thriving across multiple projects and industries. We encourage women to be doctors AND influencers, we believe you can be an activist AND an engineer. We’re fed up with people telling women of colour what they can’t do. We’re here to show them what they CAN do, and we’re determined to help them get there.

Our virtual events empower women of colour to explore all of their options, all their interests, by honing in on different industries every month, with a particular focus on transferable skills. So whilst you may be a marketer, there are plenty of skills you can learn from a lawyer or a teacher! Be it tips on negotiation to get a better salary, or how to adapt your teaching style to train your employees.

Our events are to help you enter into any space you wish to, with a panel of experts to talk you through their experiences, top tips and tricks and answer your questions. And that’s not all! We’ll be launching our 2021 mentoring program very soon so make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter.

We encourage you to start thinking out of the box, you may already have a job you love, but what else do you love? Which side of yourself and your skills are you wanting to invest in?