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How to bring back your mojo

Ordinarily this time of year it can be really difficult to motivate yourself, but throw in a global pandemic, a seemingly never-ending lockdown, some pretty frosty weather and it’s proving near impossible to stay driven.

We’re here to give you the boost you need, from eye exercises to to-do lists, we’re going to offer some tips on how to bring back your mojo.

  1. Regular breaks. Yep, we’re suggesting you take time out, in order for you to be able to bring your best most productive self to the table. Regular breaks increase your productivity. New findings are also showing that our eyes are more strained than ever due to endless zoom calls and too much screen interaction. So, set yourself regular 20-30 minute timers to complete a task, then exercise your eyes by focusing on something roughly 20ft away for 20 seconds, then switch to look at something closer, then repeat.

  2. Set a to-do list: Ok so this one is the most obvious way to keep you organised and productive, not to mention it’s super satisfying ticking your way through your day. BUT we’ve found that it’s really important to set yourself targets that are achievable. For instance, say one of your points is ‘Create a presentation on sustainability'. That’s actually more like three ticks, because you’ve got to research it, write it and design it, so it never gets done. Recently I had a task that sat on my to-do list for days: ‘Learn zoom.’ What does that mean? Be objective. I changed it to ‘Watch a tutorial about zoom’ and I ticked it off my list within 5 minutes.

  3. Sleep: When you’ve lost your mojo, you feel flat, you feel tired, you feel ‘meh’. Sometimes all you want to do is go back to bed. So do! Research shows that if you don’t have enough sleep (that’s 8-9 hours a night), then it will impact your energy levels. So put that phone away an hour before bed (Instagram scrolling is not productive), read a book, practise some controlled breathing, and sleep sleep sleep the night away.

  4. Get moving: WFH-ers have you noticed your step count go down since you stopped your daily commute? We did. Think how much less you move your body now there’s no daily rush to the office. A lot of us are also working in much less ergonomic set-ups (e.g. our bed or the sofa). Not great. Dedicated exercise every day is great, a HIIT session, a yoga class or a walk in the park. We also recommend that whenever you take your regular breaks (see above), get up, move your body. We put some music on for 5 minutes and dance (seriously good for the mojo) but you do you! Try some gentle stretches, reach for the sky with your arms, move your hips in a figure of eight, raise and drop your shoulders to loosen them. Whatever feels good.

  5. Connect with people. So we’ve brought back the weekly zooms with friends (without the pub quizzes from lockdown one, soooo overdone), and it feels so good! Even if you’re lucky enough to be locked down with people you love, it’s still so important to interact with the people you miss. The random bursts of laughter, the memories and embarrassing anecdotes, the empathetic chats about what we’re all going through. It is refreshing, rejuvenating and every week it sets you up for the weekend on a high. If conversation ever gets a bit dull (let’s face it, no one is doing anything) then mix it up! One week we did a virtual murder mystery, another we did a Family Fortunes style quarantine game show. And if that’s not for you then at the very least you can coo over your friend's new puppy (everyone has a puppy).