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How to balance your time

Between a 9-5, a side-hustle, family, friends, hobbies, it can feel like you’re juggling a little too much at once right? We’ve been there, we see you. It can be difficult when you feel like life is a balancing act and you’re worried about dropping the ball, so we want to give you some tips on how to not just survive, but thrive at all you do.

Check out our five tips to help you balance and manage your time so you can thrive:

1. Be realistic with what you can accomplish in a day: We’ve all been guilty of unrealistically setting a million goals in a day. Creating a time-table or scheduling is a practical way of making time for all the things you are juggling, but you must be realistic with what you can accomplish in a day. In fact, be generous! Give yourself an extra 10 minutes to complete that task, just in case. Then tick tick tick off everything on your list. Super satisfying.

2. Learn to say no: As the wise Elizabeth Olsen (The Avengers, Wandavision) once said, ‘no is a full sentence’, and we have to agree. If you’re lucky enough to have ample opportunities and requests coming your way then be grateful for each one, but still be discretionary in what you chose to do. Sometimes you will have to turn down an opportunity to make sure you’re able to give your best to other ones. That’s okay; learn to say no, graciously.

3. Compartmentalise: Sometimes you just can’t focus on everything at the same time, or sometimes something will need more attention. Don’t waste your energy trying to have your eyes on everything at the same time, instead compartmentalise and prioritise! In your mind, store some things for later and you can even set a reminder to come back to it.

4. Adapt and adjust: Unfortunately, sometimes things will not go according to plan. You can do all the above and still end up having too much on your plate at once. So be flexible. Sometimes you will have to adjust and adapt your plan to make it work. This may mean making time to create a new plan, but it’s worth it. Much better than struggling on.

5. Get rest: This is the most important point for all the workaholics out there. Getting rest in your schedule is key to make sure you don’t burn out. If you try to get through a busy period without recharging and checking in on yourself, you’ll just end up burning out. You’ll be less efficient and, more often than not, less focused. Mistakes can happen more easily when you’re exhausted, so see rest as an integral part of reaching your goals.