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We are super excited to announce the launch of our partnership with CAMFED, the Campaign for Female Education. CAMFED is a non-profit organisation revolutionising girls' education in Africa, radically improving their prospects of becoming independent, influential women. 

Both Become and CAMFED are committed to supporting women to achieve their full potential through education and mentoring. In the CAMFED Association, their former clients, who have overcome barriers including poverty and structural inequality, join a powerful network once they complete school. These young women support each other to find opportunities after graduation, in a context where their gender, youth, and rural isolation leave them at risk of exploitation. With training, mentoring, and friendship gained in the CAMFED Association, they go on to become elected politicians, teachers, lawyers, healthcare workers, and entrepreneurs. Pretty cool right?  

Growing up as girls in marginalized rural communities whose families struggled to send us to school, we could only dream that we’d become the teachers, doctors, lawyers and leaders of tomorrow. But we succeeded! And now we’re making a tangible impact on the next generation.” - Faith Nkala, founding member of the CAMFED Association and National Director of CAMFED Zimbabwe

As the experts in what it takes to learn and lead, CAMFED Association members spearhead CAMFED’s programs across Africa, working with their communities to support more children in school, both financially and through mentoring and social support. This unique multiplier model has allowed CAMFED to  surpass its goal of supporting 1 million girls in secondary education in just 5 years. 

We love the work that CAMFED’s female leaders are doing, which is why we’ve chosen to partner with them, with the ticket profits for our first event going to their cause. That means in buying a ticket for our event, where you’ll learn how to further your career, you’re also supporting women in Africa to succeed.