Women Colleagues


At Become we aim to create an environment free of bias, and discrimination where individuals are respectful, kind and fair to one another.

This document is a growing document that shall be added and amended when necessary. It stipulates the expectations we have for all involved with Become and what individuals can expect from us.

No Discrimination

In this space we do not allow any form of discrimination whether that be racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism or otherwise.

If you feel like you have faced discrimination at one of our events let us know via the contact us from on our website and this will be investigated with the appropriate next steps taken.

Speaking and Listening

We don’t expect everyone to agree with one another but we expect everyone to listen to each other’s point of view as long as that view is not discriminatory.

Please feel free to speak and express yourself when appropriate and to let us know if you feel like you have not been heard.


As much as possible please be aware of your privileges; including societal hierarchies that may be less obvious or less noticeable. This includes thinking about how your words, opinions and feelings are influenced and who they might exclude or harm.

Mutual Respect

Make sure to be respectful of all individual’s backgrounds and identities. This will include pronouns and names. Do not assume anyone’s gender identity, sexual preference, survivor status, economic or immigration status, background, health, etc. Also, respect the space and all individuals that are using it.


Be aware that everyone has their own physical and emotional boundaries and adhere to these. Please provide trigger warnings before discussing topics that may be triggering (e.g. racism, physical violence or sexual abuse).

Violence and Disruption

We will not tolerate physical or verbal violence and abuse to any individuals at a Become event under any circumstances. Disruptive individuals may be asked to leave the space and if necessary the appropriate authorities will be contacted.