Hey, welcome to Become! We're so glad you found us. 


Become was founded by Aimee Gaudin and Zahrah Kazim as an initiative to help close the gender/race pay gap. We noticed that the gender gap is talked about a lot, but the gender/race gap? Not so much. Become now supports young women of colour to kickstart their careers and become who they want to be. We also support companies who want to do more, and be better when it comes to conversations around diversity. Become is now a community for all women of colour to come together, learn, upskill and gain employment. 


We're really proud to be partnered with CAMFED, supporting women's education in Africa too. We love what they're doing which is why we're donating to them.  

Don't be shy, we'd love you to reach out to us if you're interested in being a mentor/speaker, writing for our blog, partnering with us, or joining our community. 

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