Become is a social enterprise dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace.


Our goal is to increase the number of women of colour in industry and help close the gender/race pay gap. 


Fawcett’s 2020 Sex and Power Index shows just 6% of chief executives of FTSE 100 companies are women.


None are women of colour.

Become at a glance...

We equip young women of colour with the skills and support they need to start their career, through mentorship, events and industry networking.

We also advise our clients forming their Diversity & Inclusion strategies and policies and connect them to our community of diverse talent.

This workshop will improve practices and mindsets company-wide so your company becomes an inclusive environment where all can thrive.

This is for companies who want to recruit diverse candidates, but are struggling to reach or appeal to them, and retain diverse employees. We've got you covered.

Diverse marketing shows people that your brand includes them, but how to make sure it's not performative? We'll take you through this and more.


Become are proud to be partnered with CAMFED, (Campaign for Female Education), a non-profit organisation revolutionising girls' education in Africa, improving their prospects of becoming independent, influential women. CAMFED recently surpassed their goal of supporting 1 million girls in secondary education in just 5 years.

Our two organisations share a commitment to catalysing the leadership power of women, supporting them to achieve their full potential through upskilling, mentoring and career opportunities.


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